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We have been around, growing our business for a few years.  Our principal members are military veterans or active law enforcement officers - one of our members is head of the Response/SWAT team in the region locally.  Another was a Air Force Special Tactics Veteran .  We have a network of law enforcement and military members we've been supplying for years - some of the pictures you may see floating through our website include a Special Forces Soldier of the Year, and notable military and sporting individuals like John Plaster and Harlan Campbell.  They use our products.  Our group of friends and advisors are also our end users - and they hold high standards.  We encourage that ethos - one of our technicians, who is also a shareholder, just started at the Naval Academy.  I expect he'll be back with an engineering degree and run the place someday - but I'm excited to see what he will do between now and then (he's my son, I was a Naval officer - his uncle is a green beret).

We support law enforcement, military, and sporting causes - we personally and as a business contribute to organizations like, wounded warrior foundation, as well as local causes, and plan to expand that as we grow our business.  

We started our business because we couldn't get some things we wanted or needed, and weren't happy with some of the industry players.  We have contract manufacturers as well as some of our own capability, and we use who is best to get the job done right for our components.  Our guarantee is that you will be happy with our products, we will make it right, or we will take it back.  Check our Gunbroker feedback.  I can't guarantee that we will make all people happy, because all people don't have high standards, ethics, commitment to quality, and integrity.  I can only assure you that we do.